05 November 2011

Sweet Deal from The King

Love & Scraps fans: This post is especially for you.

King Arthur Flour shared with me an exclusive offer to share with you — 20 percent off a $90 (or more) order. Quick! Stock up your holiday baking supplies! This offer is valid through November 6 (that's Sunday, tomorrow, so get on it).

I don't normally put myself out there for products/brands/companies, but I make an exception for employee-owned KAF — generous, warm-hearted people and phenomenal products.

Follow this link to shop for your favorite baking goodies!


  1. Nice flour, but KAF is $4.99 a bag at my local Shop-Rite. Unbleached store brand is $1.99. How about cutting the consumer some slack on the price during this economic downturn?

  2. That is steep. Yikes. I buy my KAF all-purpose flour at BJ's ($5.99 for 10 pounds). Also, 5-pound bags in Target and Walmart sell for considerably less than what you're paying at Shop-Rite — usually $2.99. ... In my opinion, KAF is worth the price. I bake my own bread and it all works out to be a lot less expensive than buying store-bought loaves. A lot less.